We are ready to offer you and create togheter any kind of solution, necessary to achieve your goal of star using this new communication channel, for getting and staying into your client’s hand. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to help you.

sol1 mobileShowroom

We invited to have in your mobile phone your real estate development.

sol2 mobileShowcase

Query on line or offline your the showcase for your city.

sol3 mobileParty

Sorprise your guests with brand innovative souvenir.

sol4 mobileRealtor

Differentiate as a real estate developer or realtor, giving the chance to your clients to have all your developments at their hands.

sol5 mobileBidder

On line auctioning solution for private acution.

sol6 mobileBrochure

With this solution, take full advantage of the brand new mobile channel and differenciate your communication strategy.